"Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men."

The Mission of KVM

Our mission is to empower people to become creators of circumstances that lift themselves to new heights and dreams. We do this through:

  • Lifting their vision and inspiring more dreams
  • Instilling an attitude of achievement
  • Teaching professional skills to help them realize their goals

If you make an annual salary of $35,000, you are in the top 0.81% richest people in the world by income. You have purpose, and you have potential. You have dreams.

KVM Foundation exists to help young people fulfill their dreams and purpose.

KVM is an acronym for 3 Telugu words: Kala, Vidya, and Marpu.
Translated, this means: dream, educate, and change.

Our vision is to create a stable model to assist these students to gain both the necessary skills and vision.

The major focuses of KVM are teaching skills and, eventually, job placement. We teach conversational English, self-reliance and confidence to young adults from financially-strained backgrounds. Many of our students have had years of English education and even have recognized degrees in their field—yet they lack the confidence and skills to communicate. Many of them can regurgitate information, sentences, and ideas they have been told, but cannot utilize the language to express themselves and their ideas. We are piloting a replicable English model to turn rote English into English understanding and fluency. Our program teaches professional skills along with grammar and pronunciation and focuses on language confidence.

After students complete the 4-month program, they will be have additional skills for job placement. We are in the process of contracting with several companies in Vishakhapatnam, India, to hire KVM graduates. As KVM becomes more recognized both in the city and globally, we anticipate that many companies will look to our company for their staffing needs, giving our students a stepping stone to accomplishing their own dreams.

KVM assists young people to live their dreams by providing them a valuable tool — an English education, which ultimately gives them the power to change their future.


The poverty cycle in India is very apparent, especially in small cities like Visakhapatnam. The idea that "I will be poor because my parents were poor" is something that is generationally engraved in the minds of many young people here. Children have either forgotten or never learned how to dream, and the few who do, usually only dream of getting a job. Forget dreaming of becoming a dancer or an actor. Survival is life for many of them. KVM does more than just teach English; it aims to inspire students to raise their sights and to see themselves in a larger world of possibilities. This is where change begins — a dream.


Needed essentials of clothes and hygiene kits “feed [people] for a day.” However, research shows that "giving" things away in developing countries as an act of humanitarian relief backfires—unless education is involved. Communities quickly get used to these "free" gifts and simply wait for the next group to come. At KVM, education is earned; students who are qualified for the program and are required to invest significant time and effort for this education. This includes giving back to the community through service projects they plan and carry out themselves. Parallel to our English curriculum, students are taught life lesson exercises that enable them to see options in their lives with which they can construct their own future.


We are looking for chain breakers; young people who will change the direction of succeeding generations. This standard applies for both our students and our field volunteers. We endeavor to provide an unforgettable experience for our field volunteers, whose focus is to measurably change the lives of the young people they teach and provide them with both the confidence and the education they need. In so doing, we hope our volunteers' lives also improve. We inspire our students and give them the tools they need to make the changes they want to see in their lives. Our mission for KVM Graduates is not only their success in the world, but also to expand KVM’s borders; we hope to enable them to assist in the teaching of subsequent classes of students.


We are currently teaching in a small city on the mid-eastern coast of India called Visakhapatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Within this region, we reach out to two different groups:

University Students

Community Members

KVM American volunteers teach English to two tracks of students: college students and community members interested in spoken English. The college student track interviews and selects students with ambition, desire and basic English knowledge aimed to prepare them for their chosen profession or improved employment. Community classes serve locals of all English levels by emphasizing correct grammatical structures and pronunciation in an engaging learning environment.

The Story of KVM

KVM is a student founded and run 501c3. It was seeded into the mind of Taylor Ottesen while on a research study abroad in India in 2012. Like many born and raised in the United States, the experience was enlightening and profoundly motivating.

After returning home from four months in the southeastern port city of Visakhapatnam, Taylor couldn’t let go of his feelings for the people he had left behind; he needed to help share his knowledge and skills with them. Within a year, KVM was officially launched in the upstairs clubhouse room of his apartment building.

Founded by university students who had a sincere desire to help but little practical experience, KVM has been a courageous experiment. With one of the founding students studying neuroscience and the other marketing, they had little knowledge of what organizing a foundation of this magnitude entailed. With lots of prayer and help from around the globe, KVM has grown in size and influence to become a force for good. Over the last ten months, nine additional students from three different universities and a few professionals scattered across the globe have joined us in this endeavor—and we hope you will as well.

In June 2014 we opened our first school in Visakhapatnam with two classes of incredible students. We look forward to a second class starting at the beginning of 2015. We at KVM want to be the change that we want to see in the world. Welcome aboard.